An Update on

Jesse Chen • June 29, 2010 2 min read

This is how my website first looked:

Look how 90's looking my website used to look like
I feel like I was transported back into the Internet 10 years ago just by looking at this site

4 days later, it now looks like this:

Looks better, right?
I bet if you click this, the website already looks different

It is amazing how different it looks.  However, I take no credit - I must thank Dreamweaver for this.  Even the most clueless person can make a tolerable website [like myself] through Dreamweaver.  The product itself is really nice, it hides the many layers of abstraction that it takes to create a good-looking website.  One feature I really enjoy is the dual-pane view of both the code and the design of the site at the same time.  That way, I am also learning HTML and CSS by interacting with the code and seeing the effects in real time.

I want to say that my website is at version 0.3 with a big beta sticker over it like Google does with all their products :P. It is by no means complete but I look forward to working on it.  fosho.

Things to Try/Do on my website:#

  1. Add an interactive timeline for my work history
  2. Include a place to display some of my school projects/work
  3. Add a subdomain where I can display some of my pictures in a gallery.
  4. Incorporate my LinkedIn profile via their API
  5. Incorpoate my Facebook profile via their API
  6. Any other sites I can use their API for?
  7. Continue to make it look more presentable

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