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Side Projects

Life With A Potato

Whimsical imagery of life with a potato. A joint project with an IRL potato to mint NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Bank of ι™ˆCHEN

A web3 dapp that provides various controls for managing the ERC-20 token ι™ˆCHEN bucks. It is known to be the biggest currency printer in the world.

FBX Importer

Import your Xanga blog posts to Facebook before Xanga shuts down.


A new and fun way to connect and share your wifi networks with your friends and family. No more keeping long passwords on paper, or verbally spelling out the wifi password to the guests. Save time and headaches by downloading InstaWifi today. 100k+ installs on Play Store.


A simple way to manage your Eventbrite events from any device. Event organizers can communicate with their attendees instantly with our SMS broadcast feature, and set up polls via text messages to interact with attendees in real-time. Best Twilio API Integration at AngelHack 2.


CalChat is a web app that hosts chatrooms for every class and building on campus with the goal of connecting the cal campus community. By logging in with Facebook, students can talk to fellow students in the same building or class, make friends, find study partners, and stay in the loop. First Place in STC Web App Competition.

Friendly Alarm Clock

Friendly Alarm Clock is an Android app that utilizes Open Graph on Facebook to make your alarm clocks social. Creating an alarm automatically creates a post on Facebook where your friends can leave a comment such that when the alarm goes off, the comments are read out via TTS. Never wake up to a boring alarm again. Best Open Graph App winner at Facebook Mobile Hack 2011.

Instant Upload

I built a proof of concept of Google+'s Instant Upload feature that magically syncs photos from your camera roll.


A developer competition hosted by Google to build an a11y-friendly version of YouTube to win a Google I/O ticket. Winner of the Last Call for Google I/O 2011 - Accessibility Challenge.


My first website, crafted beautifully with Dreamweaver and PHP.

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