Summer of 2011 - Google I/O and Facebook

Jesse Chen • June 10, 2011 3 min read

I don't know how to describe the past month other than the word 'crazy'.  So much has happened during this past month that I found sufficient reason to write it down such that I can step back and assess it and lay out my plans for this summer.

So what happened this past month?#

In April, I wrote about how I actually was still able to go to Google I/O despite not being able to buy a ticket.  Well, Google I/O 2011 was nothing short of amazing.  They had plenty of exciting announcements to excite all 5,000 developers that attended such as Google Music, Movies, and Chromebooks to name a few.  Not to mention that every attendee received a limited-edition Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, Verizon 4G Mobile Hotspot (+ 3 month service), and a Chromebook in the near future.  It seems like every year they take it to another level.  Many people joked that in a few years each person will get a free self-driving car.

Even though Google I/O was during finals week and I sacrificed a ton of studying time for it, it was definitely worth it.  After school was over, I went to China for 3 weeks to visit Konnie and my relatives, whom I haven't seen for about 6 years.  It was a very special opportunity to go back to the motherland and visit my old relatives and polish my Mandarin a little bit.  Everyone said I'm not chubby anymore, which is a good thing I suppose..

So what now?#

I started working at Facebook this week.  What I'm doing there is serving as the Analytics guy on one of the Marketing teams.  So over the course of my summer, I'll be developing/upgrading internal tools for my team that will hopefully simplify and streamline their work process.

Facebook treats their employees, including the interns, extremely well.  All the people I've met so far are awesome people who are super gosu at what they do.  Not to mention that they are genuinely passionate in the work they do and it inspires me to be the same.  My goal for this summer at Facebook is to produce results by the end as well as getting a better understanding of what kind of career path I should be heading towards.


Lastly, putting this out in public so I will stay committed.  This summer, my three priorities are: work, android app, and basketball/gym.

Work: Work hard at Facebook, move fast, break things, and get stuff done.

Android app: Integrate server code and updates from server, finalize any additional features to add, polish UI - all done by Fall 2011.

Gym/Basketball: Play ball 2-3 times every week, work out 3 days a week (squats, deadlifts, benchpress and power cleans).

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